UNBELIEVABLE. Ladies, don’t stay with the men who abuse you. If they don’t get serious intervention, it WILL become worse. Every time it will get a little worse, until it leads to something like this. I’ve seen it over and over. Besides being educated in these issues, I’ve also been in a physically abusive situation, which I consider a part of my education in this topic (that mindset will inflame some folks, but I don’t care..every experience I’ve ever had in my life has contributed to who I am). I do know all of the psychological dynamics involved, I know why women stay, I know how confusing it is because abusers have PhDs in mind games. But whatever you have to do, find the strength to get away.
Scottish chef Peter Cumming will spend the rest of his left behind bars after admitting to the High Court in Glasgow that he killed his girlfriend, Lynda Brown.
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