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Little Guy has an assignment this week that involved using a dictionary. His task is to break double consonant words into syllables as the dictionary does. So I sent him to get MY dictionary, which was a gift to me 25 years ago.

We sat there flipping through it looking for “lesson” and couldn’t find it. I was like “WTH???” 

He said “we have the oldest dictionary ever…it was written before ‘lesson’ was a word”.

(picture grim straight face here)So I said impatiently, “never mind ‘lesson’, let’s find ‘pattern'”….

Flipping through the book, he said “Mommy, this isn’t even English”.

It was, but it was a lot of place names that were unfamiliar to him (some even to me). 

So when I didn’t find the word pattern, I said, out loud, “what the h#@* is going on???” I pulled the dustjacket off of the book, and it was the wrong book. Someone had mistakenly put the dustjacket of MY dictionary on the cover of “Webster’s Geographical Dictionary”. (Frannie)
A day in my life…
I found my dictionary. In the back seat of the car sans dustjacket.

In response to one of my friends asking about just using the computer:
They’re so accoustomed to typing what they need that they struggle with looking it up alphabetically in the dictionary. I’m concerned about that, but I don’t really know what to do about it.
“Yeah, we use WordWeb which is an awesome little desktop app…I have it on ALL my computers….very handy having a dictionary at a click….but I had the idea that she wanted them to use a real dictionary.”
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