You guys probably don’t know that I build most of my websites and have been learning a lot about design in the last year (for designing t-shirts, mostly). I’m very much an amateur/hobbyist designer and always will be (this stuff doesn’t come naturally to me) but I have a lot of fun trying and consider it a worthwhile and productive hobby.
I’m pretty good at nuts and bolts stuff, but when it comes to being creative, I know my limitations. Color, for example. I don’t really have an “eye” for it, so I rely a lot of articles like this one.
Until today, I did NOT understand hues/tints/tones/shades. And while I did have a grasp of warm/cool colors, it never dawned on me that you just cut the color wheel in half for that.
A lot of good stuff here for the amateur or hobbyist designer!
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