I just finished reading Kate Morton’s The House at RivertonThis story and its characters won’t soon leave me.

I stumbled upon Kate Norton when I searched Good Reads for “books like” The Thirteenth Tale, which remains one of my favorite novels of all time. It’s not a huge favorite with many reviewers, but alas, I love it.

I’m not big on doing book reviews. It’s time-consuming and time better spent reading. So I won’t review The House at Riverton here; you can easily find reviews online. I’m grateful to reviewers, however. I rely heavily on reviews.

Although I don’t write many reviews, I do enjoy conversations about my favorite books. I’m thinking to find a book club, maybe? God and all of you know that I’m NOT NOT a club joiner. I don’t really like “hen gatherings” and “occasions.” But maybe a bunch of nerdy book people like me? I’m going to look into it as a summer project.

Have you joined Good Reads? You should. I’m a lurker more than anything, but it’s a really cool community, introduced to me by my friend Liz some years ago.

I escaped into The House at Riverton, and indeed all of Morton’s other books. I continue to enjoy them, every one, and for days after I finish them, I think about the twists and turns of the plot. I can’t wait to read the next one.

I like stories. I sometimes sense a little criticism from certain people of my love of “those kinds of books.” As if I’m supposed to be reading…what? Tom Peters? Proust? I love those guys, too. I love so many genres. I go through phases in my reading. Sometimes I’ll go stretches of only reading non-fiction, sometimes I discover an author (as I’ve done with Morton) and read everything they’ve written before moving on, sometimes I go in a totally weird direction; last year, I revisited the path of Gothic fiction. Who knew? Oh my, it’s scandalous, isn’t it? Variety and diversity — love it.

Next up:

Ian Mcewan — particularly Atonement, but if I enjoy that, I’ll dive into his body of work . It’s a lot. 🙂

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