January 30, 2013 at 11:49AM

Ok Ted Cruz has finally made me mad. I knew it would happen. Next article I write about him, he will get more than an “ugh”

We Demand That Democrats Fight Back

Writer’s Description: (S) Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas says he won’t vote to confirm former decorated Vietnam veterans John Kerry and Chuck Hagel to the positions of Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense because according to him, Kerry and Hagel don’t love America or the US military. This coming from a man who never bothered to serve a day in the military and serves a state that threatens to secede from the Union every chance it gets. Kerry and Hagel actually SERVED their country and were both wounded FIGHTING for their country. Tell me again who doesn’t love America and the US military, Senator? Because if the answer isn’t Senator Ted Cruz, I reject it.


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