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Casualties by state: an interactive map

By country, and city and date. Names. Ages. How they died. Iraq Coalition Casualties: Military Deaths by Country

The unknown:

A clever little calculator that shows the cost in dollars (Iraq and Afghanistan)

We all know….$750 Billion.
Ahhhh but our former President’s administration said optimistically Iraq’s oil wealth would cover the cost of rebuilding Iraq, not us.

“The Bush administration’s optimistic statements earlier this year that Iraq’s oil wealth, not American taxpayers, would cover most of the cost of rebuilding Iraq were at odds with a bleaker assessment of a government task force secretly established last fall to study Iraq’s oil industry, according to public records and government officials.”

People who originally supported it are now saying some oopsies….

To be fair, many of us (the stupid unsuspecting public who trusted that our leaders had good intelligence and were telling us the truth) supported this war too. We were gung ho, weren’t we? Why? We were angry. Wounded. And yes, scared. So I‘ll not hate on the people who made the decision to go to war.

But….our intelligence was dead wrong. Can we trust them again? Dare we????

We killed Sadam Hussein. Yay. We couldn’t have done that with a sniper? It had to be at this cost? I call bullshit. And everyone needs to remember who signed the biggest check ever written in the history of our nation.

Can someone tell me again how much money we spent last year on programs for the disadvantaged in this country?

Take this knowledge and these numbers to the polls in November. I’ll be voting for people who’ll want to spend that money here at home. And 4,400 bright eyed young Americans won’t have to die for it.

A 2003 article: “A NATION AT WAR: IRAQ’S NEIGHBORS; Bush’s Aides Envision New Influence in Region”

I can’t wait to see the middle east completely transformed by the shining example that has been set with this experiment.

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