As is apparent in my posts, I’m not a big “holiday” person. It’s one of my failings as Supermom. I do what I have to do, but it takes a big effort on my part.

Halloween trick or treating tends to be a last minute “let’s all go as cowboys and ghosts” event, with minimal planning. We have, over the years, had little spurts of creativity (usually involving my stepmother) that resulted in some awesome costumes, but overall, my costume ideas are not award-winning.

In our area, there is a big “street party” every year. We usually go as a family but decided to skip it this year and do something different. Little Guy and I were alone because Diva were away doing her own thing. So it was a Supermom/Little Guy night out.

It started with the hassle of the costume. I bought it last year (I guess I did…I honestly don’t remember!) on clearance (Little Guy says so), and it fit, but barely. We had to make a few little snips. But we got it on and he was an awesome Ninja!

We stopped at Sonic first to get our ritual pop (a tradition for us when we have one of “our” nights). Then we went to an area neighborhood. It turned out to be great. He filled his bucket in about an hour and was ready to head to Blockbuster to get a new game and a couple of movies. I offered the option of hitting another neighborhood but he said he was ready to “chillax”. RELIEF!

When we were walking down the street on our way back to the car, he reached out and took my hand. He doesn’t do that often anymore. I always have to reach for his.

Do your children still reach for your hand?


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