Diva has a quiz today and on the quiz will be questions from 20 pages of Greek mythology. She asked Little Guy (the mythology EXPERT)  for help and he is in HEAVEN!

She said she’ll never ask him again….last night he talked for an hour and argued that “so and so” DID give up her throne for “so and so” and he does not CARE what her book says cuz he KNOWS the truth. Internet research proved him partly right. It was a Shadow Hessia….anyhow.

He has fully embraced his role in, for once, being the “helper” instead of the “helped”. He is so eager for his sister to know everything there is about mythology so that she does well on the 5 questions that will probably be on the quiz.

In the car this morning, she and I had a naive moment of confusion because Hades is married to Zeus’s daughter Persephone (I won’t remember all of this tomorrow). And we didn’t understand that Persephone wasn’t the daughter of Zeus’s wife (who is also his sister).

So he was explaining all of this while never looking up from his DS game, all of the complex relationship, and I asked:

“So if Persephone is Zeus’s daughter, who’s the mom, if not Herra? His first wife?”

He replied, again without looking up from his DS: “Zeus is always cheating”.

I’ll not even type here what ran through MY mind! Cynic.

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