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Loved this article from Edible Geography about the Oreo emblem and other cookie emblems. I have never given one moment’s thought to the design on cookies and (in the UK) biscuits. 

Things I didn’t know about the Oreo emblem:

  • It’s original design was a wreath, with 2 turtle doves being added in 1924
  • The current stamp was implemented in 1952 and has remained unchanged
  • There is a “cult” of sorts of people who try to decode the design
  • Conspiracy theories abound, including a connection to the Knights Templar, theh German military and the Freemasons (!)
  • The creator of the logo is a bit of a mystery, though we (not how quickly I insert myself into this mystery) have a good idea of who it may be (William Turnier). Nabisco will only confirm that a man with that name worked as a design engineer there at that time.
  • A comment by a man named “Bill” in this article indicates that the blueprint is hanging in a family room in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Now I want some Oreos. How do you eat yours?

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