My friend Vicky on one of our crazy summer camping trips

Do anyone else’s kids turn into vampires in the summer? Up half the night, and sleep half the day?
This is an area where prissy moms frown and purse their lips at me. We follow a rigorous schedule during the school year. Living 20 miles from the school and having 6:30am band practice requires it. But this isn’t something I feel the need to micromanage and put a lot of rules on in the summertime. 
Growing up in the mountains in Arkansas, I have fond memories of late nights, midnight adventures, movie sleep-overs, giggling till all hours, and when we were old enough, camping. I don’t remember my bedtime or being too tired to get up come September. #Priorities, but that’s just me.
Prissy moms? Chill. This is your summertime too!
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