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This article cites a a paper, Google Effects on Memory: Cognitive Consequences of  Having Information at Our Fingertips, that shows that we’re less likely to retain information when we know we can easily access it later. It’s just downright scary to me. Are we going to become DUMBER as we rely more and more on technology to think and save all of our knowledge for us? Yikes.

I’ve experienced this recently. I’ve always kept my logins and passwords to every place I visit on the web stored in my head. Considering the possibility of me being hit by a train and the kids not having a clue as to where to find my info, I created a simple password protected document and stored it in a safe place that’s easily accessible to us and noone else. Now…suddenly….I find myself referencing that document DAILY. What the….?

Now, I know it’s unlikely that we will ever “lose” our central memory databases (Google), but what if…..???

Is it possible that we, in our “Jetsons” age, turn ourselves into Fred and Wilma Flintstone?

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