I’ve spent an hour this morning filling out Little Guy’s school paperwork (haven’t even gotten to Diva’s yet, which will be identical). I realize that this is an administrative issue and not the teachers.

1) The first year, I felt compelled to fill in every detail meticulously. Now, if the form is nearly illegible from being copied so much, I fill out what I want and skip the rest. I don’t think you notice. You don’t seem to notice that 1/4 of your form is off the printable area of the page.

2) You don’t need a lot of info about me, my job, my medical history, etc…. Call me if some crisis comes up, and I’ll be there in minutes. You need to know my medical history why? Your nurse is there to call me if he has a fever, give him his medication, check him to see if he needs to be sent home, etc….she doesn’t need to know that my great-grandfather had diabetes.

3) One form could replace about 8 of these. They all want the same info. This is why I’m having to supply 3 reams of copy paper maybe? Let’s do ONE form and distribute it to all departments. One of the reams I supplied on the first day has already made it’s way back into my home and half of it in my trash can (check acceptance policy, dress code which is also in 2 other documents, etc….all could have been included in the student handbook in smaller print)

4) In 10 years, you’ve never once called my doctor, dentist, or eye doctor. I don’t feel the need to continue to put their numbers or even their names on all of these forms. You always call me.

5) You don’t need a list of 10 people to call in an emergency. I’ll give you 3 or 4. You only had to go to level 2 one time in 10 years.

6) If a relative (like their Dad) does not live in the home, his address, DL and SSN, people living in his home, and etc…is not relevant. He won’t solve whatever issue you need help with. Again….I’m your girl. Call me.

7) People allowed to pick him up: You want their name and DL number. I could provide that (I’m not….the name is enough and it’s all I’ve ever seen you check). But that info is probably not easily accessible to most people. At any rate, a quick phone call from me, or a note, is all that’s ever been needed in the past.

8) Are you seriously wanting me to sign a “School-Parent Compact” saying I’ll limit the amount of TV my child watches, talk to him if he makes a mistake, find positive things for him to do in his spare time, and provide opportunities for him to read. Um-K. Signed. Not an issue here, and in homes where these things ARE an issue, do you really think that having the non-diligent parent sign your little compact is going to make it all better and change the home dynamic?

All of this is a microcosm of why anything regulated by the government is inefficient. It seems to get worse every year. And last year, I had to fill out the background check form TWICE to go to a school party. They couldn’t find my first one. So my missing form with copies of my DL and SS card are floating around where?

I do realize a lot of this is a CYA thing for the schools. I totally get that. But my point is that most of this could have been compiled into the student handbook, and stuff requiring a signature could be done in 1-2 forms instead of 20. I signed 5 computer usage release forms. One for each class and 1 for the library, I guess. How about one saying “yes he can use the computer and I’ll be responsible if he accesses something inappropriate” and we copy that and give it to all the teachers?

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