Here is the thing about the  marriage equality movement that is being played out in the Supreme Court this week.  This is not a Biblical doomsday scenario at all. We’re not fighting for their rights of gay people to “descend into wickedness.” (although, if they do that, they’d be no different from many heterosexuals and it’s, frankly, their own business)

We are fighting for the right for LGBT people to enter the sanctity of marriage; to live a life of love and dignity with the person they choose as a life partner; to be able to insure their families through health insurance that THEY PAY FOR; to have the right to leave their estates to their life partners without their partners/spouses being required to pay estate taxes that heterosexual surviving spouses are not required to pay.

Why is that confusing? Why would conservatives want to oppose this? What would it hurt them in ANY way? How could it damage society? Make us more promiscuous perhaps? Make our divorce rate go up, and cheating go up, and broken homes go up?

Oh wait….we’ve already done that, haven’t we?

I can not wrap my mind around why anyone would not be supportive of something that strengthens the American family. If it’s only because it goes against one’s Holy Book, they are practicing religious bigotry and expecting others to conform to their religion.

Gay people and the LGBT community have a right to marriage equality. They are being denied their constitutional right. It has to stop.

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