Simply priceless. Is there anything this family would not do for money.

Just trying to picture Chelsea Clinton…Amy Carter….the Bush Twins…..

Read all about it here.

A friend on Facebook said “she’s not a President’s daughter yet but thanks for the endorsement”.

Are you kidding me?

My response:

“She never will be….was sort of my point. 🙂

Even the conservatives I talk to sort of look at the ground when Sarah’s name comes up. She sort of thinks like them…she’s a cutie so the people who vote for folks based on that would be in line…but they have one little niggling doubt because she and her peeps are just so dang trashy.”

I closed it with:

“You know, the Palins are probably nice people in reality. As my Dad would say “a normal family with their share of drama”. It really is all about voting for people based on the issues you believe in, not personality. The repubs can do better. A lot of solid contenders out there who can outshine the loose cannon that is Sarah.”

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