Not a rant, REALLY, I guess…just a musing. This is really impossible to explain to some people, but some of us don’t just work certain hours and go home and are “off.” I am dumbfounded by the people who leave work and don’t think about work or talk about work or do work until they go back the next day. How do you shut that on and off?

I’m equally dumbfounded by people who become indignant when their “off time” is disturbed (although I recognize that this is a thing that most people seem to need, so I not only support it but advocate for it for my people).

Define “off” for me. How do you take “off”? I’m trying to imagine someone, anyone, needing something from me and me saying “sorry I’m off.” Does “off” mean I’m away from a computer or other technology? Does it mean I leave my phone in another room and watch a movie or a reality show? I feel like I’m both “off” and “on” at the same time.

It becomes a blur when what you do for money is also what you do for fun, doesn’t it? When people tell me to take some time “off” what are they suggesting I do? Watch the Kardashians? Browse Pinterest for cool house ideas and recipes? I do that and work at the same time. Go shopping? Have lunch with friends?

When someone (usually a man and you know who you are) says I need to “take some time off” or “take some time for me” what the heck is he talking about? People will positively try to make me feel like there’s something wrong with me for working. Why is me writing about something I love less fun-worthy than inane chatter with someone who isn’t an integral part of my life?

I mean I KNOW what he’s saying but how can someone not understand that I enjoy almost everything I do or I wouldn’t do it? I don’t do jobs that I don’t like.

There is no “on” and “off” for me and I suspect many other people like me. There’s only “life” and some parts of life are for making money and some aren’t, but all are equally enjoyable.


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