Have you gotten that image in your mind? Different gun, I think…but imagine that in a school with kindergarden kids.

Sandy Hook and the Adam Lanza massacre. 5 minutes…154 rounds. Yes, I so could have done this with my single shot rifle. NOT.

This was actually reported last week by Rachel Maddow, but the official reports were released today.  I posted the above statement on my Facebook and it naturally sparked a heated debate with 86 comments. The highlights of my friends and subscribers responses listed via their initials only.

JJ: 154 round in 300 seconds.

CP: No you can’t do that with a single shot, but The Flash can.

CA: so if just one life could have been saved with a ban on large clips or non automatic weapons… would it have been worth it???

RG: So how did Oswald pull off his shooting fest with a wobbly, what was it, Austrian? single shot rifle? Answer. He didn’t. He was not alone.

MB: There are parts available for AR-15s that allow them to fire up to 100 rounds in about 7-9 seconds. It is called “bump fire”. Show this video to folks who try to say “An AR-15 is just a single shot each time you pull the trigger – It in no way is like a military assault rifle”

CN: I am not trying to start an argument here. But I just don’t understand there not being able to have a comprehensive plan to keep the guns out of the hands of criminals, mentally incapable and possibly a ban on certain style weapons. I don’t get the obsession with wanting to have the right to have an assault rifle. And, don’t start handing me the crap about this is this and that is that. I don’t care what kind they are, at what point do people decide it is more important to be reasonable than it is not to? How much violence do we really need to have before something changes? I personally know people who go to gun shows for the simple fact they CAN NOT pass a background check. Why do you protect those people? Why do you protect the people who purchase guns with the sole intent to sell/give it to a criminal because he can’t pass the check? Why do you protect those people. People say we have plenty of laws and that might be true except the gun show loophole but the budgets to run the checks and prosecute the criminals continue to be slashed to the bones and those same people will say “see those laws don’t work”. Of course their not going to work when there isn’t any resources to make them work.

CP: So, MS, that thing basically turns the AR-15 into an M-16?

MB: Pretty close. I have fired real M16 back in basic. This looks to me to be feeding about the same rate. The ONLY difference I can tell…it looks harder to “aim” the Bump Fire AR15, but in any mass shooting scenario that I can think of, where the victims are reasonably confined and grouped…aiming is not necessary [and actually slow someone down since aiming takes time]

The AR15 is, what some call the Barbie Doll for guys…it is available in mix and match components, used from target shooting to sweeping a room as we saw in Sandy Hook.

And enter FS, a liberal who is not on our side on the gun control issue.

FS: A fully automatic weapon is primarily used for cover fire in combat. Using it all the time is a waste of bullets because shots are not as controlled. Most shots are fired one at a time or in 3 round bursts. The weapon used by Oswald was a bolt action rifle that he bought through the mail for $29.00. He hit Kennedy with at least 2 rounds. My Dad brought back a Russian made rifle exactly like it when he returned from Korea. The third round is questionable on Kennedy. A regular 12 gauge shotgun has far more killing power than any so called assault weapon. One shot shoots 9 round bullets much larger than a .223. In 5 minutes twice as many kids could have been killed with buckshot. With a 25 to 50 ft range the spread would be wide enough to take out several people with just one shot. No ban on magazines is going to change anything. Better mental health care is the only thing we can do to slow down the mass killings by nuts. An AR 15 shoots a .223 bullet. It’s less powerful than a 30 X 30. Only kids use a gun that small to hunt.

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It’s crazy. I don’t think I have ever seen our nation divided in quite this way. We have to have gun control, but how can we achieve that if Repubicans won’t meet us at least a third of the way?




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