About 13 years ago, I bought an outfit at a store called “$7 One Price Store”. The skirt and blouse went together, but were sold as separates, so essentially, I paid $14 for this outfit.

I seldom wear the blouse, but I love the skirt. It’s my Favorite Skirt of All Time. This skirt is awesome beyond awesome. I love it. Love the way it fits, love that it can go winter and summer….LOVE IT!

I’ve estimated that over the years, I’ve spent approximately $500 having this skirt dry-cleaned. Since I love it so much, it gets treated very carefully. I can’t let ANYTHING happen to this skirt.

Well, the zipper broke. I was completely devastated. As is often the case in situations like this, I had a delayed solutions reaction. Finally, I realized….


Which I did. To have the zipper put  in the skirt by a tailor cost me $11. So I paid $11 to fix the zipper on the $7 skirt.

This skirt will be with me for life!

What article of clothing have you had forever that you’ll NEVER part with?


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