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I found this article by Chris Gayomali fascinating because it’s something that I’ve studied in my independent study of human language, especially the written word.
In short, Mark Zuckerberg was involved in a lawsuit with a gentleman who claimed to have documented proof, via email, that Zuck promised him a hefty share of Facebook.
In the late 1990’s, in the heyday of Yahoo chat, occasionally someone would disgrace themselves and attempt to “re-create” themselves by creating a new persona. I, and others, inevitably recognized the person immediately, and it’s because of the “little things” that people do in writing.
A Professor Emeritus of Linguistics at California State University in Fresno, Gerald R. McMenamin, was brought in to compare excerpts from the forged emails with emails actually written by Zuck. His findings indicated that the use of the following were conflicting:
Bad guy: Bad grammar and apostrophe usage
Zuck: Had a good English teacher
Suspension Points
Bad guy: Puts a space between suspension points (. . .)
Zuck: Does it like I do (…)
Bad guy: Just wrong on a lot of levels. Lower case “i” in Internet is something that he did consistentely.
Zuck: Gives Internet it’s proper respect and caps that “I”
For more details, check out the full article at They do link to a Scribd page with the full report but it wouldn’t open for me.
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