After I posted an IFTTT recipe for syncing my Google Calendar with my Foursquare check-ins, Paul Swartz told me this was do-able via Foursquare. I went searching for a how-to.
Here is a comprehensive tutorial for syncing Google Calendar with Foursquare check-ins:
Why it’s awesome:
  • Synchs all of your past events
  • Auto-synchs all future event
  • Puts your “shouts” in the notes section of the calendar entry
  • Provides a link to Google Map location/directions
  • Records the exact time of check-in.  IFTTT synchs every 15 minutes. What I gleaned from the tutorial is that IFTTT will show the synch time rather than the exact time of check-in. I prefer the exact time of check-in.
The downside:
  • You can’t delete individual entries using the Foursquare synching option. If you want the ability to do that, it’s best to go with the IFTTT method, which records entries via Quick Add. The tutorial also tells you how to do that.
  • It syncs all of your past events and all future events. I know, that’s awesome, but not for everyone. It could really clutter up your calendar if you are playing the Foursquare badge game and check into a lot of places. I don’t play the game, or check into every place I go, so it works for me.

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