My friend and I were talking about “synchronicy” and I thought I’d share a little glimpse of the world me and my kids live in.

One day a few weeks ago, I took Diva and a friend to work with me….they spent the day at the mall while I worked. On the way there, I was listening to my audiobooks and one of the little spongy caps on my headset had gotten lost. (we use the Marshmallow ones).

So I grumbled lightly because it’s slightly uncomfortable, but not a huge deal. It would be uncharacteristic of me to buy a new one….in fact it would never occur to me. It just wasn’t that big an issue and would rather spend the $20 on other things.

Well, after work, we stopped at Walmart and they went one direction and I went another. As I was walking past the electronics section, I said “hmmm….I AM going to buy another pair…then I’ll have one for home and one for house….new pair will come with extra spongy thing so I can fix that other headset (which is really Little Guy’s, not mine) too”.

So I went over there and looked. They have maybe 10 different colors, or more. I’d be inclined to go towards black, grey, etc…or green to match my phone case. But decided to be wacky and get a crazy color. Chose purple and tossed it in the buggy.

At the front of the store, the kids caught up with me and Diva was holding her hand behind her back. She said “Mommy you’re GONNA buy them and I mean it!”.

And pulled her hand out, and there in her had was a purple marshmallow headset.

That’s how it is in our world. Something like that happens about once a week.

NOONE “gets” me like my kids do. We have our own little world and language and even a look says a lot. Love it!

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