One day…I got up at my usual 5-ish am and got the littles on the bus. I had a hard day at work… a lot of heavy “brain strain” kind of work. No time for a real lunch, so I wolfed down a McDouble and a pop as my sustenance after I left work. Rushed home to get Diva to piano lessons. Helped Little Guy with his homework on the floor of the maestro’s living room while Diva was playing piano. Went home in a daze at 9pm and whipped up the incredible meal of corny dogs, apple juice, and ramen noodles.

When I finally collapsed in front of my computer with a Malibu Rum and Diet Coke with lime, I had the random thought….”I am Supermom On The Fly“.

I have a couple of sisters (and lots of friends) who are TRUE Supermoms. I’m not. I’m a quirky, eccentric single mom who is raising some pretty awesome kids. My Diva is passionate about music and is a pre-AP student in high school. She’s an all-region French Horn player and is striving for a music scholarship. Little Guy is just a plain brilliant straight A student and his teachers and I work constantly to feed his mind.

So….I’m not REALLY a Supermom but I’m doing something right.

So as promised, here is the Supermom On The Fly Parenting Philosophy. I’m not saying this is a valid Project Plan for Parenting…just saying that this is what I do. If you need more comprehensive manuals with greater detail, let me know and I’ll hook you up with my sisters. 😉

Supermom On The Fly Parenting Philosophy

  1. Kiss them constantly.
  2. Hug them constantly.
  3. Tell them every day, both of them “You’re the Love of My Life”.
  4. Be honest with them. It’s not always easy.
  5. Hold their hands anytime they will let me. Even Diva still holds my hand.
  6. Feed them and teach them to feed themselves.
  7. Teach them that Mommy’s needs are important too.
  8. Teach them that a grasshopper’s life is every bit as important as ours.
  9. Teach them to give back.
  10. Dream with them and teach them about S.M.A.R.T. dreams and goals.
  11. Spend most disposable income helping them feed their brains, NOT their wardrobes and toychests.
  12. Provide them with TOOLS for brain-feeding and dream-building and time-traveling. Don’t feed it to them. For little time travelers: Usborne Time Traveler (Yes, I’m in love with Usborne books)
  13. Hold them and stroke their hair when they cry.
  14. Let them hold me and stroke my hair when I cry.
  15. Love them love them love them. I have found that this makes up for the (many) mistakes that I make.
  16. Make sure they understand that life isn’t easy. No delusional thinking around here! Dreamworlds and time traveling are allowed for only small bits of time. We CREATE happiness or unhappiness. We MAKE success or failure. It doesn’t just happen cuz the world is a lovely place. My kids get this, or at least I’m trying very hard to make sure they do.
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