This morning my Little Guy got up asking for pancakes. Rubbing my eyes (my muddled-mind had only had 2 cups of coffee), I asked…..”what about some cereal baby?”.

But no. HE didn’t say it but the look on his face said “I want pancakes and you haven’t made pancakes in a long time and why don’t you ever make pancakes anymore and everyone else’s mom makes pancakes every day and…..”.


Supermom On The Fly kicked in. I put on my red cape, pushed my coffee to the side….and got busy.

Pancakes is one of those things that are made just as easily from scratch as from a mix. So when I make them, it’s always from scratch. This really gets a lot of  “Wow Mom, you are so cool” comments from the Littles and it really impresses their friends.

So I mixed up the batter. Got 4 cast iron skillets hot on the stove. Sprayed them down with butter flavored Pam imitation. And whipped up enough pancakes to feed all the kids (the littls and their 2 guests) with a few leftover to stick in the freezer for a quickie breakfast for Little Guy one day this week.

The littles are gone now. The left with their Dad (who also enjoyed a pancake while he was here).

And I’m feeling like a Really Perfect Supermom for just a few minutes. 🙂

What do you make from scratch?

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