Weekend from hell.

Well. No. Hell is HOT, they say. This was a weekend out of some arctic adventure novel.

Ok, I’m being dramatic. We knew last week that we were coming into a vicious cold snap, with temperatures predicted to drop into the teens. Now for those of you living in cold climates, 3 days per year of arctic-like temperatures doesn’t sound bad, I’m sure. But here in Texas, we’re not prepared for this and it sometimes creates problems.

In my tiny, ancient cottage, the water pipes are under the house.

Every year, when we get into freezing temperatures, we have to leave our water taps dripping/running to keep our pipes from freezing. Being newly “single” and alone, I’m feeling vulnerable. (as if Mr. Wonderful did so much when he WAS here…but at least he was here for support if needed)

When I woke up Saturday morning, my hot water wouldn’t turn on. The cold water did, with no problem. But no hot water anywhere except in the bathtub and the washing machine.

A call to Mr. Wonderful revealed that I should have had WARM water running, not just cold. So my cold water pipes were ok.

The hot water pipes were frozen. Great.

I panicked. I know what  a busted pipe means. Oh yeah. But I was confident that they weren’t busted. Yet.

I went outside and looked under the house. Luckily the plumbing is all on one side of the house. I couldn’t see a busted pipe, but that was no guarantee. What I did see was that the insulation was gone from my pipes and they were sitting there naked and vulnerable. Likely chewed off the previous spring by some mischievous puppies who got under the house.

No wonder.

My newly found single mom confident logic (right?) told me that perhaps they were just frozen, not busted. So I went in the house and got the house as warm as I could hoping that a few degrees might make a difference. Then I turned the hot faucets full on position. The idea being that the pressure behind the frozen pieces (the water would be hot) would melt the ice.

I was right! Half an hour later, I hear a sputter and the water faucets came to life! Disaster averted.

Then I went outside and discovered the busted water spigot….but that is another blog post.

Friggin winter, man.


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