I pretty well like who I am. There are a LOT of things I’d like to improve. LOT. I listen to criticism and feedback carefully. I’m finely tuned to whether or not a person is being critical cuz they’re a jerk or really offering something to help me grow. I like to grow.

There are some things I’m pretty set in:
1) Don’t wanna be meaner (I’m mean enough when the situation calls for it, do trust)
2) Don’t wanna be less trusting (I like things as they are…I want to be a trusting person. If I get taken it’s they’re bad karma. God takes care of me and I keep rocking along beautifully)
3) I don’t wanna be much thicker skinned. I think I’m ok as I am. I like to feel.

And I like being a nice person. Again….I can go the other way quickly and easily if I have to, but it makes me unhappy to do so and I’m all about trying to have a good time and be happy (insert your language here: positive, etc….)

So when people who are unhappy with life, with themselves, with the world, with their parents, with everything…..tell me I need to “get tougher”, “get smarter”, “get whatever they think I oughta get”…..Hey, jerks….how about YOU get to a point where you are frowning less? How about that?

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