I applaud this Dad! (click the link to watch his interview). A dad gets on the bus to confront the bullies of his disabled daughter.

Yes, he should have handled this differently,  but O.F.W.  

The truth is, being radical seems to be all that gets attention. I have felt the pain of my child being the victim of school bus bullies. I have a wonderful bus driver for the last 3 years and she gives me immediate resolution. See my other post about a recent experience when I “took matters into my own hand”. Not playing with these jerks. NOT playing!

Link to a good article about school bus bullying and how to prevent it:


From the article:

“For bullies interested in picking on their peers, the school bus is an ideal location. Supervision is generally minimal – before boarding the bus, the hectic rush of activity makes small bullying tactics hard to notice, and while on the bus, the only adult may be the driver, who cannot react to every incident because he or she is operating the vehicle. Because the bus is a small, closed space, victims of bullying have no place to retreat to, and they often have no choice but to ride the bus, making them easy and regular targets. This makes students vulnerable to intimidation and physical abuse on the bus.”

I can not express how frustrated and helpless this makes me feel.

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