Rush Limbaugh reached an all-time low Monday (or not…he’s proven that there is no limit to “how low you can go”) when he implied that President Obama golfed with Tiger Woods at West Palm Beach Floridian this past weekend – as a part of his three day vacation – so that he could seize an opportunity, with the First Lady out of town, to enjoy a little of the famous Tiger Woods womanizing lifestyle. The proof? No press were invited. In fact, they were excluded deliberately, and the world found out about the historic game via a Tweet from Golf Digest senior writer Tim Rosaforte,

Fox News and others have suggested that it’s embarrassing for one’s president to want to play golf with a man who had a relationship with a porn star. After all, has any other president ever played golf with a man who was involved with a porn star? Actually, yes, but who’s keeping score?

Very few people – I’ve never heard anyone, in fact – have implied that President Obama is a less than stellar husband and father. Many Republicans actually find those to be the president’s ONLY redeeming qualities. “Republican Savior” Senator Marco Rubio infamously said so at the 2012 Republican National Convention. Right-wing pundits have said so. Even people outside of the U.S. – 85% of people polled in the U.K. – believe that President Obama is a good husband.

But Rush Limbaugh has said repeatedly that he’s waiting for the downfall of President Obama.

“By the way, there are some in the Drive-Bys (and we have the evidence coming up) who are not happy that Obama invited Tiger while Moochelle is half a continent away with the children.  It’s a guy’s weekend, and there’s Tiger in there, and there are no cameras. So there are some people in the media, particularly over at CNN, who are very, very worried about this.” (Limbaugh Transcript)

But Limbaugh himself is not surprised…not one bit.

“Not us here at the EIB Network. It never crossed our minds. I saw a busload of women when I was out yesterday on 95.  I was up as far as Jupiter, and I did see a busload of women heading north on 95.  Now, I had no idea where it was going.  It was the afternoon. It was after, like, three o’clock. (interruption) No, no, no, Snerdley! I’m not leveling any accusations, but I did see a busload of women. (interruption)  No, Clinton’s not there. Well, that’s a good question.  I don’t think Clinton’s in town.  Anyway, hee-hee, we have the evidence coming up.” (Limbaugh Transcript)

Well, these black men sports figures, you know…

“But the way the sports media treats these guys is that they’re gods, in essence. Of course that veil was lifted on Tiger.  Before we get to that, I had a bunch of people e-mail me during the break here. “Rush, come on! Obama’s a very loyal and devoted husband. He doesn’t care about women.”  Maybe not, but who else was up there?  That’s what the media’s concerned about at CNN, which you will hear in mere moments.” (Limbaugh Transcript)

Limbaugh points to his December 2009 prediction that the  president would someday be exposed as an adulterer in the same way that Woods was.

“Mark my words, just as the truth about Tiger Woods has been exposed, so it shall be with Barack Obama. The parallels — Lisa Schiffren had that great piece on this last week, the parallels between Barack Obama and Tiger Woods are stunning. We don’t know if there’s rampant sex romps going on with Obama. We doubt that. But everything else, they created for us a puff piece image of Obama, starting with his speech at the 2004 Democrat convention. We don’t know who he is. We don’t know anything about the man other than his years agitating the community in Chicago, the things he’s written about in his books. But there’s this image of “we’ve never had someone like this before, there’s never been a man like this. He transcends normal people.” Remember all these people gushing over him. Mark my words. At some point the same unmasking that has happened to Tiger Woods will happen to Barack Obama.” (Rush Limbaugh 2009 Archives)

Limbaugh did concede that his prediction has not yet come to fruition.

“Well, it hasn’t happened yet.  I predicted that, at some point, the veil would be lifted on Obama.  I still say this. I thought it would happen by now, but it hasn’t yet.  But it has been on Tiger.” (Limbaugh Transcript)

He continued:

“They created this image of Mr. Perfect: Perfect husband, perfect golfer, perfect workout guy, more disciplined than you, devoted, committed — and that was all done in the media.  Of course, then it all blew up.  When the media makes you, the media can break you — and that is going to be true of Obama at some point. It may be too late to matter when it does, but it will.”

As evidence, Limbaugh suggested that Democratic strategist Richard Socarides implied on CNN that now that the president has won re-election, he’s going to party hard and do whatever he wants.

“It shows, like, there’s a — kind of a new Obama.  This is another side of Obama.  He’s gonna do what he wants, both in the way he conducted himself and also on a lot of policy stuff. It’s really shown that there’s a new boldness to him, and he doesn’t really care what a lot of people think. He’s not running for reelection.” (Limbaugh Transcript)

The context of the conversation is suggestive that Socarides was reflecting on a more mature and confident Barack Obama who no longer feels compelled to pander to anyone – he can be himself. I happen to agree and I think it’s a good thing. The president was enjoying a much needed and rare vacation. Maybe he wanted, for once, to actually ENJOY playing golf without cameras on his ever putt. Maybe he wanted to play golf without having to do this:


I’ve always said that anyone is prone to mistakes, and I’m not one to beat someone up over human weaknesses, but this is ridiculous and baseless. Let’s say, for argument’s sake, that President Obama, who has zero history of scandals with women, suddenly decided, overnight, to get himself a little some on the side. What would be the most discreet way to make that happen? Why, go play a few rounds of golf with one of the most high-profile cheaters of the decade, of course. And of course, for these sex-crazy types, the more the merrier, so they invited Golf Digest senior writer Tim Rosaforte, U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk, and Floridian owner Jim Crane. With the bus full of women spotted by Limbaugh, that would have made for a swinging good time.

This article would not be complete without noting that Rush Limbaugh himself has a long history of serial marriages and rumors of cheating. His third wife, Marta Fitzgerald, was actually a married woman who left her husband for Limbaugh. And he supported New Gingric’s long history of adultery during the 2012 election season, calling him a “victim.” We all know that people project who they are onto others. Because Limbaugh has a long history of comfort with adultery, he naturally assumes everyone does.

I’m just glad my president had the presence of mind to stop the wild sex trip to make a video to show as proof that he and Tiger did, in fact, play golf.


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