You know that you’re the one I always come back to.

Yes, I found a hot and exciting replacement that got my attention for a time. But when that one was gone, I looked around and there you were, waiting for me, as you always have been.

I won’t say my interests won’t ever wander again….they will….next week as soon as I get a chance.

But I’ll always love you. You know that, right?

I can see some heads being scratches in confusion out there (my intent, of course haha)….who is this mystery love???

Well…I ran out of my fancy schmancy ramen noodles and all I had left was the old fashioned packets….so I had to eat those. And it was like returning to an old and dear love.

Yes, I’ll still eat the fancy schmancies, but in the end, the heart always tired of the bright lights and goes home.

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