Ok, when the school year first began and I was faced with “have to be at school at 6:30 for band”, I was soooo freaking out. How would I do this? I’m accoustomed to getting them to school at normal time, then getting ME ready, and being at work at 9:30ish to avoid rush hour traffic.

So the first week was rocky. There were days we got out the door at 6am with 2 different shoes on, hair wet, lunch boxes forgotten, leaving the coffee pot on, etc….

Now??? Please. We are oooozing awesomeness. Not only up, all showered, out the door, shoes tied, hair on straight, lunches packed….but I’m cooking eggs and feeding them before we go too! “We do more by 6am than most people do all day!”.

Awesomeness. We rock.

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