The Dreaded Resolutions…

It’s been my practice in the past to choose ONE big resolution every year. Quit smoking. Divorce the moron. Pay off a car. Etc….

To be honest, I’ve always done a good job of keeping them. I did quit smoking several years ago. And I did divorce the moron. I probably paid off THAT car but of course I do now have another car payment.
(setting achievable goals)

This year, I have a few things that I’m determined to do better. I’ve chosen seemingly small things, but I think they’re things that will make a difference if I can do them. And I am determined to succeed!

Thus “New Years Determinations” , which shall from this point forward be referred to as “My Determinations” . Because who even talks about “New Year’s Resolutions” the week after New Year’s???

1.      Read in the morning before getting on the computer.

It’s my practice to get up in the morning, make the coffee, fix my first delicious cup, and sit down in front of the computer. I then log into all of the sites I belong to, including work, and see what’s going on. I spend an hour browsing before getting the kids off to school.

I’ve made the decision that in order for me to get back to my “1000 Books I Must Read Before I Die”, I’m going to have to reclaim this morning reading time. So what I’ll do is sit in my little recliner and read a book during that first hour. I can use a few minutes after dropping the kids off to do a quick scan of my websites.

2.     Be more selective about how I waste my time.

I’m a big believer in “time-wasting activities”. Everyone needs down time. But I think it should be spent doing things we really enjoy, rather than just brainless web surfing or whatever. So I’m going to make sure that I’m spending my small amount of leisure time more judiciously.  Reading my time travel novels instead of looking at websites, for example. 😛

3.     Be diligent on updating this blog!

Self explanatory. LOL

4.     Do less nickel and dime spending.

This is the little stuff that I spend money on every day. I estimate that I spend about $5 a day on bullshit stuff. Like a drink at a restaurant instead of water. Or a McDouble instead of eating a protein bar (cheaper AND healthier). I’m committed to doing better with money, starting with the small stuff and growing from there.

5.     Lose 10 pounds.

I of course need to lose more but let’s keep this an achievable goal for now.

That will do it for now! I’ll keep you up to date on how it goes.


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