As most know, we had to move from our office week before last. Was it only 2 weeks ago? It seems like so much longer….

Last week was so crazy. Because we had such short notice about the move, we had to make some very quick arrangements not only for us, but for our staff. Mine are scattered in 3 different locations.

We are officed (I think this is the last week) on Main Street in downtown Dallas. And we love it! OMG….we are diving into the underground walkways/tunnels at lunch and having so much fun.

Adjustments? Well, I have to walk maybe 1/2-1 mile to the office in the morning, but I don’t mind. Paying for parking bites, but of course we’ll be reimbursed.
 William took me to Enchiladas for lunch and I swear it was a 2 mile walk….he laughed and said no, but it took half an hour to get there and we were walking very briskly and I know how long it takes me to walk a mile briskly.

And there is a Starbucks it seems on every corner. And there are so many cool vendors under in the tunnels at thist time of year. I’ve bought some great Xmas gifts. As bad as I’ve wanted to get back to South Dallas, I’ll miss downtown….

I have only 2 words left to say: Noodle Nexus (no, they don’t pay me to link to them…just sharing the joy of noodles!)

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