I’ve had some fun over the years chronicling various things. Parenting, Online Dating, Gardening, etc…So now we have a NEW Chronicles Series:
The Tiff Watching TV Chronicles
I famously do not like TV. I put it out of my life 20+ years ago. Not completely. I’ve watched American Idol for a couple of years, and caught a few things here and there as other people were watching whatever they were watching. And I even did a 6 month stint with Oprah, Jerry Springer, and Maury Povich when I had a baby who demanded to be held all the time (all I could do was watch TV….she needed both of my arms/hands).
But I decided long ago that the 3ish hours per day that most people spend watching TV, I’d spend doing other things. I’m firmly convinced that this has led me to be more of a polymath, and most certainly, my skillsets would be much more limited had I spent my life as a TV junkie.
When I had children, this conviction deepened. I wanted my children reading, watching quality movies, etc…We did have TV when I was married. My ex-husband liked it. But the minute he was gone, so was the TV. My little guy is drawn to it like a magnet. I like that he reads 4-5 books a week. I think having constant access to TV will reduce his reading time and computer time.
So I surprised even myself last week when I decided to sign up for Directv. They made me an offer that was hard to refuse, and I just said yes. I don’t know why. I just….did. Is it the upcoming Republican primaries and 2012 election? The royal wedding I’d have loved to have watched live? Missing Oprah’s last show? I don’t know….but I got a “wild hair”, as we say in the country, and “just did it”.
It was installed today. I’ll chronicle my experience. Honestly, when you don’t watch TV for 20+ years, you’re living in a parallel universe of sorts. So this will be interesting. I’ll chronicle it.
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