I’ve developed a new manifesto. This isn’t an overnight development. It’s years in the making. I’m 47 years old. Some of this is “about time,” but I’ve always been a late bloomer.

I suspect this happens to everyone over the course of their lives — they change, evolve, grow….maybe even regress. Anyhow, here is what my friends and family can expect from me.

  1. I’m much less tolerant of BS. I don’t want even one minute of confusion.
  2. You only get so many chances and I’m not obligated to outline the terms.
  3. By that same way of thinking, I’m much MORE patient with the people who matter to me. You’ll get more chances in some cases.
  4. I’m much more likely to be outspoken.
  5. I’m not going to keep any concerns I have bottled up anymore.
  6. Very few people’s opinions about me matter to me. I can count them on two hands. My dad, my kids, and a few of other people. And BTW, if my dad is reading this, that doesn’t extend to politics!
  7. There are things I’m not going to explain anymore. A few sensitive topics only get one explanation. I’ll be watching your face (if I can) while I explain it. Your response will determine the nature of our relationship.
  8. I don’t offer excuses anymore. No just means no.
  9. I WILL make an effort to offer REASONS to the people who matter to me. People who matter deserve explanations.
  10. It’s rare for me to be confrontational about other people’s business. I mind my own business. If you approach me, however, I will bite back if I want to.
  11. Very few people are indispensable to me personally. I’ve lost a lot in my life and I’ve learned that life truly does go on. Right or wrong, agree or disagree with me, that’s the way it is. See short list on number 5.
  12. If you’re a jerk, it’s on you. I don’t blame myself for anyone else’s actions or emotions. Own your own.
  13. I know who loves me. You will get the best of me.
  14. Orange is my new color. I don’t know why. I just started liking it suddenly. No excuses, no explanations. To the people who will have to live with my new orange office, I will try to explain. You deserve an explanation, as noted in number 9.

NOTE: this is a list for my personal life, not business. Like most people, I have my share of jerks in my life — or not in my life, as the case may be.  In business, I’m both more tolerant and less apologetic, if that makes sense. It’s business.

That’s it!

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