Not long ago, I logged into my (very neglected) WordPress blog. Much to my astonishment, I discovered that I had 160,000 comments to my posts.

Now let me get something straight. My blog has always been a private thing. I wanted to “write” freely without feeling the need to censor my writing. If I had all of my colleagues, friends, family, etc….reading my stuff, I’d not feel comfortable posting about certain topics. It was sort of my little private space.

So…I just didn’t have a lot of readers. Where did all of these comments come from???

You guessed it! SPAM!!! Viagra. Cialis. Valium. Whatever!

I began the process of slowly deleting the comments, then I had the brainstorm: I could just delete the whole POST and re-post it. All of the comments would go away. Or….

I could just delete the whole friggin blog and switch to Blogger.

Easier to use. Cheaper, I think (I don’t remember what I paid for Bluehost webhosting). And Blogger would be interconnected with my other Google stuff.

It just made sense.

So I imported my WordPress blog to Blogger (complete with new, clever name).

My blog consists of a compilation of several blogs that I’ve written over the years and some writing that I did on message boards years ago (pre-blogs). Usenet groups, bulletin boards, discussion forums, Yahoo 360, MySpace blog, Geocities stuff. Just LOTS of random stuff, ok?

Some of the older posts were one-liners about things that were going on “that day”. Not all had links, insightful information, photos, etc…it’s just sort of “my life”. Some years, I made only 1 or 2 posts. And it may have been only a copied and pasted poem.

I’m not really going to do any editing. Not going to add photos to everything (I might add some to the meatier posts). 

This blog was/is sort of a relection of where I was at the time. Sometimes my whole life was about work, so that’s all I posted about. Sometimes I didn’t blog for months or years at a time. Sometimes I felt the need to pour out my heart. Sometimes I didn’t.

I anticipate this blog being more “open” for people to read, so I’ll keep more personal stuff saved in a .txt file and not post it. Sorry, suckers who were hoping for all the juicy details! It ain’t happening!

So Blogger is home now. And I’m digging it. 🙂


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