At the football game Friday night, as we were leaving the stands, I saw a family get up and leave behind their nacho plates, empty pop cans, etc… What have these people taught their children? On the way out, Liam tripped over an empty water bottle (he didn’t fall) and said “Mom why do people litter”.

Not sayin’ I’m madre perfecta, but just sayin’. Teach them a few basics, please???

I posted this on my Facebook. My friends were naturally outraged and had strong opinions.

The little league parents have to clean up the field on Saturday mornings. That’s the price they have to pay for using the field! So the IDIOTS are creating work for people who ARE teaching their children responsiblity and ethics.

A friend asked if people have always been this way or if we’re just becoming more aware. I responded:

“I think people have always been like this and we’re becoming more aware. A colleague and I were talking on Saturday about how it used to be common practice to just throw trash out the window.”

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