One day, I was driving to work on the anniversary of a loved ones death. I texted his brother and said “I have so much face-to-face stuff scheduled today. I don’t know how I’m going to get through this day gracefully.”
Immediately after sending the text, I shook my iPod (iPhone) for a song, and this one started playing. To be honest, I had forgotten it was even on my phone. Odd timing? Not so much. Not in my life, anyhow. Things tend to appear just at the time that they’re needed.
With the upcoming holiday season, people who have lost loved ones, or who are just alone and sad, might have a hard time painting a smile on. This sweet little song never fails to make me smile, no matter what. Try to find “that one thing” that always makes you smile.
I got through that day without missing a beat. 🙂
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