SCREAM. Who remembers the nightmare date I went on a few years ago? It started off well, had a great time, I foolishly Facebook’d “best date ever.” He kept ordering $10 drinks for me (“bring her another one”), then when it was time to go, he pulled out a wallet full of credit cards and realized he didn’t have cash and didn’t want to use a card. So I had to pay the nearly $100 bill, but he said when I took him home he’d reimburse me. I of course didn’t question that and a while later, the money didn’t matter one bit anyhow, believe me. He lived sort of within walking distance, so he had walked, which yes, did seem odd. Turns out he didn’t have a car. His ex-wife took the car. Anyhow. So we got to his house and yes, I did go in with him, because he was going to re-pay me. We got inside and he never mentioned money. He wanted to show me something he was working on that we had talked about at dinner. Something to do with online advertising, I don’t remember. Anyhow, while there, I foolishly logged into my facebook and added him as a friend. The next day, we realized that he had probably key-stroked me. So, I got ready to go (still no money mentioned, but I did need to go) and he asked me to spend the night. Well, no way that was happening. He quickly realized I had “misunderstood” and said, no no, you can have my bed, and I’ll take the couch. It’s late and you shouldn’t drive. I reassured him that I would be fine and that I have trouble sleeping in strange houses. Well then… when it started to get weird. He pulled out the basket full of medication and said, “take 2 of these and you’ll sleep fine.” I declined and insisted that I WAS leaving, so he said “well if you leave, take one of these so you don’t go to sleep.” It said salt-amphetamine on the bottle. Again, I declined. And then he started showing me all of his meds and I don’t remember what they were, but when I asked you guys, there were some pretty heavy psychotropic meds. Like for schizophrenia and things like that. Then he showed me his passport for some reason and I swear every page had like 10 stamps on it and some to places I didn’t even recognize. Then he took it from me quickly.

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