OK so I went on a date. I was actually walking out the door to go and had second thoughts, so I came back to my office and called him to say I had changed my mind. I had just spoken with him, so I thought he was still at work and had not left. It went to voicemail and I left a voicemail telling him that I’d not be coming. I sent several texts, AND I sent him a message on the dating site. He called me 45 minutes later and he was already at our destination and had not seen the messages because he was driving. He lives an hour away. I sighed and apologized and went ahead and went. He was a bit confused but WOW very understanding and patient. I had a great time! Am glad I went and I’ll go out with him again.

So what gave me second thoughts in the first place? Little things. It will be interesting to see if these small things are genuine concerns. A good test for my intuition, I guess!

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