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 Ghandi: “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

When I sit in a Wendy’s and a barefoot, 100 pound, pregnant woman who doesn’t speak English walk ins with her 3 children and goes to each table with a note that says “I don’t speak English, I came to this country from Pakistan with my husband and he has disappeared, and I’m desperate, can you help me?”

And you sit there…glance up from your newspaper for a second…give a slight shake of the head and go back to reading…

I witnessed 5 people do this a year ago.

And then you look up and make eye contact with me and see what’s there in MY eyes….and you look ashamed for ONE moment….then go back to reading. I know that you’ve done the mental justification in your mind in seconds.

‎”Not my problem, I have a job”.”
“Nobody ever gave me a handout.”
“Go back to your country.”

I agree with at least the 1st and 2nd statement. But had I not given her the change lying on my table and dug those other 2 dollars out of my wallet, I’d not have slept that night.

If I witness this, don’t look at me and call yourself a Christian. I’ll call you out in a heartbeat and in a way that will expose and embarrass you. Sorry…

I know it’s irritating to be approached by people asking for money. Very. But at least proudly proclaim what you are. Don’t be a hypocrite. It’s possible that an angel just crossed your path and you failed a test.

The thing is, my $2 was nothing. A token “drop in the bucket” and nearly embarrassing that I feel so awesome for giving it. It’s just all the cash I had, and I couldn’t have given her much anyhow. The point is, I saw her….the person I was having lunch with saw her.

The white bread world folks reading newspapers did not.

Reading this on my Facebook page, one of my friends said “I know I’m probably gullible, but I give, too.”

My response to her:

“You’re NOT gullible. You’re GOOD. YOUR heart is right.”

Why do people feel weak when they help another, like they’re doing something wrong???

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