When my daughter first told me that she might want to go into the military, I asked her “why?”. She said she wants to be a hero, and have people know who she is, and what an honor it would be to die for one’s country. I said…”Really? Tell me the name of a soldier that has been wounded or died in the Iraqi war? Just one.” Of course she couldn’t name one.

Unless they’re our loved ones, our neighbors, children of our friends, or their story has an element that is captured by national media, we don’t usually know their names. 

BUT here is one:

A close friend of mine has a friend whose son was wounded in Afghanistan. She’s asking us to “like” his Facebook support page so that he’ll know that yes, we know his name. Please click the link, click the “like” button, and share on your wall if you’d like to also let one soldier’s family know that we know their sacrifice.

Note that this page is just to show support for a young soldier and his family. No politics, questions about his injuries, etc…


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