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I’m posting a lot of gay related issues, including things like this, because the next couple of days will change everything for gay people in this country. For the better, or as a final judgement. These stories like this remind us that GAY is here to STAY. Always has been, always will be. What is decided in the next couple of days is whether or not they’ll be able to live with the same rights that heteros do.

From the article:

Already ousted and disgraced over the original accusations, O’Brien now faces a possible police investigation, as well as an official Vatican inquiry. The ironic thing about all of this is that O’Brien has always been one of the most homophobic men in the church, calling homosexuality a “grotesque perversion,” and equating marriage equality to child abuse and slavery.

Father Peter says that he now considers the relationship abuse, and is currently in therapy to work through the issues. He says:

“I was vulnerable and he knew that. He was very charismatic and I couldn’t believe his interest in me. I thought he was helping me.” (Addicting Info)

Read my writing colleague Shannon Barber’s story about the hypocritical Cardinal O’Brien here.

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