It’s rare for me to use profanity on my blog, but I don’t think there’s a woman alive who’s not been called that word at one time or another, so I feel compelled to share this great graphic so that when we DO get called that, we have a classy response. 🙂

I’m not terribly competitive. I never played a sport in high school (that one year of volleyball where I got one play in one game does not count). In band, if one person won, all won. No competition. And I was the only tuba player until I taught Ben Anderson my senior year, so 1st chair came easy. 😉

So playing hardball doesn’t really come naturally to me. I’ve learned (a lot and the hard way) about being tough in the business world. I’ve learned more about DEFENCE than OFFENCE. I like political debate (respectful, not rude and uncivilized, though I have occasionally regressed and regretted it). In the debates I enjoy with my friends, though, I don’t necessarily feel the need to “win”. I like sharing views and enjoy it when we occasionally reach common ground. I learn a lot too, and I know for certain (they’ve told me) that I’ve occasionally helped people to see things in a slightly different light.

But flat-out hardball? Not sure if I’m up for that. Not even sure I wanna be.

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