Note: when I share these tips, I’ve usually not checked them out personally. If I have, I’ll say so and share my experience. Just passing on good information that I find or that someone has shared with me. If you check them out, please share your experience in the comments. Have a good “writing for money” source you’d like me to share? Email me at tiffany_willis (at) yahoo (dot) com (remove the parenthesis).

I got a Writers Digest alert about four open to freelance submissions. You’ll need to Google the magazines to find the URLs.

American Archaeology is a quarterly magazine published by the Archaeological Conservancy. This popular archaeology magazine pays $1,000-2,000 for nonfiction features. Writers should query with published clips.

Bow & Arrow Hunting is published 9 times per year. This hunting enthusiast magazine pays $250-450 for nonfiction articles. Writers are encouraged to submit a complete manuscript or query first.

Horticulture is the country’s oldest gardening magazine (and published by F+W Media, which owns WritersMarket.com). The bimonthly magazine pays $500 for nonfiction features and $250 for smaller pieces. Writers should query first.

Skin Deep is the official trade publication of Associated Skin Care Professionals. The bimonthly magazine pays $75-300 for assigned articles of 1,200-1,600 words. Writers should query first.


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