OK so my little guy’s school is going to be doing a program to help them understand changes in adolescence…That’s great. They’ll talk, separately – boys and girls, about the various things that go in, including anatomy and physiology that’s normal, basic concepts of reproduction, etc…The program will be a brief film, followed by the writing down of questions. Here’s the kicker:

“After the film, teacher will go through the questions. If the question written down is not covered by the short film and deemed inappropriate, it will not be rad aloud. ”

Ummm….wouldn’t the questions that WEREN’T covered by the ones to answer??? I mean, I didn’t ask them to do this. I’ve done it. Have all sorts of books, etc…but if they’re going to do it (and it’s great that they are), why ignore the questions that aren’t covered in the film??? Cuz you KNOW they’re not going to cover the serious stuff that kids may have.

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