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OMG. On Rachel Maddow, she’s talking about all of these state level politicians (governors and state senate/rep) and their obsession with all of the intricate details of abortion and vaginal ultrasound, etc….My God. The new governor in Virginia (his name is Pence) is wanting women to have 2 vaginal ultrasounds.

No one loves abortion (I don’t really care what y’all say), but whether you accept it or are willing to die fighting it, here is one thing you can count on for sure:

If you’re a politician obsessed with women’s private parts, and spend all of your time talking about vaginal ultrasound, your career is limited. And you may be ok with that. I’m just sayin’. The people who support all of that are minimal.

There was one lady who wrote a letter saying “I got pregnant vaginally, I don’t mind something else going up there.” Well…sister girl can go ahead right on. But I really hope no one expects this to be the new status quo, because you’re going to be disappointed. Women as a whole are about to give these GOP politicians the collective finger.

And the other day, that story I shared about the woman who said that a baby is the largest organ in a woman’s body. And the one a couple of weeks ago who said that birth control pills cause tiny babies to be all over the inside of a woman.

And when they do quit talking about women’s private parts, they move to gays. What is the GOP obsession with sexuality and reproduction? Let’s move the conversation top what we can do with THEIR private parts, shall we? THAT never comes up. 🙂

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