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 This is amazing. Very eerie.

Viennese artist Andreas Franke, 45, worked as an advertising photographer for 20+ years. He  used s; special underwater cameras to capture the ship before heading back to the studio to photograph models in 1940s and 1950s costumes. He then superimposed the images over the top of the ship (the Vandenberg) and created the underwater world.

“It’s like bringing the Vandenberg back to life,” Franke said.

“It’s a huge empty ship with fish swimming around — at 27 meters below the surface, the sunlight is this beautiful blue green color. I shot the models in the studio with the same lens, so the images matched.” (CNN)

Approximately 10,000 divers visited the underwater art exhibit before the images, now worth 30,000 dollars were brought back ashore, where Franke discovered that they had been altered by seal life.

“The sea life had created new images. It’s very cool, they almost look like Polaroids, he said, adding “The extra layer of growth tells the story of their voyage to the bottom of the seabed.” (CNN)

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