New Chronicles: Diva making money.

Today, she begins the process of learning how to make money online. There are lots of things out there to do, but she is going to learn, as this first step, Craigs List.

I think this will serve her well in making some money throughout high school and even college.

I’m a veteran at selling online, in a way. To supplement our income during Single Mom Round One years ago, I sold rare books on eBay. I loved it. That requires special knowledge but selling random stuff does not, so that’s where she’s going to start.

We made our first Craigs List sell this week. I cleaned out my closet and sold all old dress-pants as a “lot”. I was going to throw them out or put them in a donation bin, and Fran and I said “why not put them on Craigs List?” So I met a lady at lunch and came home with a $20 bill.

So today, she’ll make her first posting. I’ll have to do the meeting/delivery, but other than that, it’s ALL on her.

Selling her stuff, she gets to keep all the money. Selling stuff for me and Little Guy, she gets a 25% commission. Little Guy protested this, until I said “well or you could NOT sell any of your junk and then get ZERO”. He said quickly and meekly “OK I’ll take it”. He can learn to do it himself at a later date.

What are your kids doing to make money? What was your first job?


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