Sigh….motivated by a friend’s decluttering post on Facebook…and a few other things, I’m trying to weed out just a few of my books (I have no problem doing this…..really really).

The question is…how many cookbooks does one need?

If I have:

  • Joy of Cooking
  • My favorite Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook (1940s, 1980s, AND 1960s and am not parting with ANY of them….so much fun looking at the changes over the decades and I need to buy one that’s been published rece…ntly for the collection, don’t I?)
  • Pillsbury’s Complete Book of Baking
  • And the must-have classic food preservation books…..

Do I REALLY need the others?

The Southern Living Annual Recipes?

Taste of Home Annual Recipes?

My vintage ones (can’t part with them!)

Community cookbooks by churches, etc…. (these recipes, handed down from generation to generation, are nearly un-findable elsewhere, in many cases!)

The little gift cookbooks…

Countless others….I think I have about 150.

Every one I pick up, I remember where I bought it, the delight I felt when I flipped through it, my favorite recipes from the books….many have post-it tags to mark them.

Where do I draw the line? If I haven’t touched it in 5 years? If I only use one recipe from it (which will have already been typed up and in my digital files)?

Ugh. If my decluttering friends were here, I know what they’d do!

What I’m going to do is….choose one and see if I miss it. One that noone else will buy at Half Price Books and I can go back and buy it if I want!

If after a month, I realize I don’t miss it at all, I’ll get rid of more.

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