The White House continues to try to fend off online privacy invaders. CISPA, the younger sibling of doomed PIPA and SOPA, was introduced in November by Representative Michael Rogers (R-MI).
In it’s Statement of Administrative Policy, the White House states that the bill
“would allow for broad sharing of information with governmental entities without establishing requirements for both private industry and federal agencies to minimize and protect personally identifiable information. It also believes the bill does not have sufficient limitations on how personally identifiable information is shared between private industry and the government”.
The interesting thing is that unlike PIPA and SOPA, this bill is actually supported by some biggie tech companies
(Facebook, Microsoft, IBM, Intel).  Why? Well here’s why:
“designed to facilitate sharing of information between private companies and the U.S. government over supposed cybersecurity threats, such as malicious hacking and denial of services attacks” 
So what it all boils down to is that the tech companies (let’s just make Facebook our main glaring example) doesn’t REALLY care about our privacy as they stated during the PIPA and SOPA debates. Not when it means them greedily being able to “facilitate sharing of information between private companies”.

Dear US Government and Tech Giants who profit over mining our personal data-
Leave us alone. Period. 
Signed,Nearly Everyone

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