January 28, 2013 at 08:30PM

I’ve asked this question so many times, for so many years. Back in the day it was via Usenet discussion forums, then in Yahoo chat, on various blogs, moving up to MySpace, Yahoo 360 and etc….and I have never been able to get a racist white person to answer it. I’ve even asked a few people in person, but they were ignorant beyond what I can tolerate and their answers were to basically call me a blasphemer for calling Jesus a Jew and saying that he wasn’t white. Anyhow, here’s the question: “If you’re a Christian, and don’t like anyone with pigment in their skin, or think you’re better than they are, what are you going to say when the day comes that you have to answer the questions of our Lord who walked among us in a body that wasn’t Caucasian?” If anyone has ever had anyone be honest and answer this, I’d like to know what they said. Or if you are that racist white person, I’d welcome your answer here or privately.

Chris Hedges: White Power to the Rescue – Truthdig

Writer’s Description: As Southern whites sink into economic and cultural despair, more and more are retreating into a fictional past. They ignore Confederate atrocities in a desperate effort to restore what they view as a lost paradise. – 2013/01/28


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