Tuesday, September 17, 2019
We had our spring concert tonight. So proud!
Diva will  be going on her first out of town trip with the band, to San Antonio. She's so excited. Leaving on Friday morning.


Cheerleader tryouts were today. My Diva worked hard at it, but did not make it.She's ok. The biggest lesson we're trying to learn here is to be happy for those who did make it and congratulate them tomorrow with...
I woke up yesterday morning with this feeling of dread. I've been doing that a lot lately. One thing that was on my mind was Mr. Wonderful. The years looming before me of having to take care of him...
The eulogy I delivered (loosely....at least these are my NOTES....not sure how closely I stuck to it) at my Grandmother's funeral.β€œThe number one indicator of success for a child is a good relationship with a caring adult" - Fortune...
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